San Francisco Doggie Daycare

San Francisco doggie daycare at Smilin Dogs offers something truly different and special for your dog. How many San Francisco-area doggie daycares do you know that offer 750 acres of coastal range property for your dog to enjoy all day while you’re at work? We’re located in San Carlos on the Peninsula between Burlingame and Los Altos so we’re close to Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Mateo and Pacifica. Part of our great pet sitting service is to pick up and drop off your dog – that’s right, your dog gets his or her own doggie chauffeur with Smilin Dogs!

Dog day care center

While you’re at work during the day you can relax knowing your dog is being taken care of at a truly unique day care place where dogs get to run and play in nature all day. They get exercise and attention while you’re at work. You live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area and that makes you different – so why should your dog sit at home alone all day waiting for you to come home? Our doggie daycare is more than just pet sitting. Your dog doesn’t have to spend the day on a leash or in a cage. Some doggie daycares operate that way but we don’t! We know a happy dog is one who gets to exercise during the day in the sunshine and beautiful Bay Area weather. So we turn them loose on our 750-acre pet sitting and dog day care property.

Pet sitting services

Our San Fran area dog day care services have been recognized by the San Jose Mercury News,, and Our repeat customers know we offer more than just another place to find your pooch some SF Bay dog day care. Dogs come to Smiling Dogs to meet other dogs, play, explore, and run around. If your dog isn’t in great shape today, maybe you need more than just another pet day care place. We’re more than a dog walking service because we let go of the leash so dogs can run free. We can guarantee a safe environment that most dog walking services can’t come close to. We now offer a new boarding and daycare facility in San Carlos. We do cage-free boarding, training, grooming and bathing. Our 17,000 square foot, indoor, outdoor, newly remodeled state of the art green facility will get your dog socialized and exercised for daycare.